About the blog

Headway can mean progress towards a goal or outcome, so making maximum headway is a good thing. (It’s also a term for the time between transit vehicles on a particular route, so in that sense, a minimal headway is better, and as such the title is ironic.)

I’m a technical writer from Vancouver, BC, Canada, with an interest in public transit and urbanism. I’ve traveled in many countries throughout Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand, appreciating the uniquely vibrant cultures in different world cities, and traveling mostly by public transit and walking.

I think sustainable, human-scale environments are more environmentally friendly, they can go a long way towards reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, and they can increase our vitality. Areas that are amenable to walking, cycling and transit (as opposed to being car-oriented) have more opportunities for social engagement and healthier living, and they can also support economic development such as local businesses.

This blog details some of my thoughts about public transit and sustainable urbanism, and why I think they’re crucial.


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